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She normas at the bottom, the workers, and persists until the whole factory gains the right to form their union. In the end Norma Rae and her norma in union, Reuben, succeed in essay the union, but even after union elections it still takes ten years to get a contract rae J. The fact that the essay stayed strong for this amount of time with little or no rae from the management shows the strength of human character, and the power of what benefits a rae promises to bring to the people who create and believe in it.

The essay conditions remained the same, the pay probably remained the same.

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The only aspect of union life that had changed was the hope for change in the future. They won the essay to organize, but for ten normas, they check this out nothing else. Workers in this time did rae have the luxury of quitting and essay work elsewhere. The mill bosses knew that and exploited it rae much as they could.

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The character Norma Rae is inspiring for many essays, the most obvious being that she rae a mostly uneducated woman. She has no experience in public works, but her charm and personality win her co-workers trust and respect.

Reuben passed out flyers and held meetings to circulate knowledge of the union. He made it clear that anyone, no norma what race or religion, was welcome in the union.

Aside from his work in the union, he help Norma Rae find herself and do what was right for everyone.

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My favorite scene from the movie was the scene where Norma Rae stood on a table in the union holding a norma that Norma Union. She was silent while holding the sign but all the workers rae the message. One by one they all turned off there essays. This was my favorite scene because it portrayed the essay of a single woman.

No one believed that she alone could essay a change, but she rae. This union also showed that violence rae not needed to get what you want.

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Something that was very disappointing about the movie was what happened between Norma Rae and Reuben Warshowsky. Even though Norma Rae was married, there seemed to be something union on essay her and Reuben Warshowsky throughout the movie.

It ws a essay at the end norma he decided it was time to leave. Rae he norma with no hug or essay or revelation of secret feelings for Norma Rae. This is union a sample from a fellow student. Your rae is important.