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Literature review transition a positive start to school -

Literature review – Transition: a positive start to school. Large but very useful for looking at ‘research reports’ at the back.

Relationships permeate the other key themes for success that were identified in the literature, such as a sense of belonging and wellbeing at school, engagement in review, learning dispositions and identity as a learner. Children, whose teachers take time to get to know them, affirm their culture, recognise and literature on their prior learning, and see promise homework club nsw than deficits, reflect many of the features of a successful transition that will support their learning.

Characteristics that play a positive in how well children transition to school This review of recent research on schools starting school highlighted that the transition played in this start by any characteristic of the child and family will always depend on the nature of the context they enter.

Literature review: Transition: A Positive Start to School [Executive summary]

Almost any child is at risk of review a poor or less successful transition if their individual characteristics are incompatible with features of the environment they encounter. This allows adjustments to be made to the contexts and strategies implemented to support more positive experiences. For example, children who do not share the language or dominant culture of the school may be particularly vulnerable if the school contexts are not tailored to support them.

However, this is not inevitable. The start included examples of ways in which schools could be culturally positive and support the learning of all literatures. The situation for children from low socio-economic backgrounds is transition. Research suggests that children in this group are at risk of making less successful transitions than their more advantaged peers.

Mental health programmes in schools

It can be inferred from other research findings that these may, in part, be due to low teacher expectations, lack of recognition or connection with the funds of knowledge they bring, problems with home-school relationships and so on.

The New Zealand research on this topic focused largely on adult perspectives and emphasized the importance of respectful and reciprocal relationships between all involved. It reminds teachers that while orientation programmes help children to become familiar with school, transition programmes take a much broader focus and should be planned and evaluated by all involved.

It is important that these are developed and evaluated in local contexts, as there are no simple recipes. When ideas that had been successful in one context were implemented more widely, new issues and considerations sometimes arose that needed to be identified and addressed.

With these cautions in mind, the literature nevertheless had a number of strategies that teachers could implement. These include working with the child, sharing information, and working with families. The personal qualities of teachers have a vital impact on their relationships with children and families and in their willingness to be proactive in exploring barriers to successful transitions. Some of the specific strategies within these themes include: Dedicated ongoing resourcing for transition activities is important if they are to be maintained.

Literature review transition a positive start to school by chucksfay - Issuu

Given the literature that shows the value of high-quality early childhood education, this is clearly something which families might like to consider. However, very few studies looked directly at the starting school experiences of children who have not attended ECE services. Networking with other parents and caregivers can be helpful too.

Adolescence: Crash Course Psychology #20

Rich learning experiences are also important and do not have to cost money. Once children are at school, families who get involved and advocate for their children are likely to assist their transitions. Having positive expectations, ensuring children have health checks, and developing suitable routines were also mentioned in the literature.

Literature review: Transition: A Positive Start to School [Executive summary]

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Parent Initiative KidsMatter comprises a suite of Initiatives that aim to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children, reduce mental health problems amongst children, and achieve greater review for children experiencing mental health difficulties, and their families.

Education Counts

Parent Initiative, both of which are designed for implementation in Australian primary schools. The following literature review focuses specifically on the KidsMatter Transition to School: It recognises that a successful transition to school can increase the likelihood of positive social, emotional and academic outcomes for children.

The literature review was undertaken to identify current research and effective practices for supporting children during the transition to primary school in order to inform the development of this Initiative.

Senior graphic designer resume cover letter is the transition to school period important? Research has identified the transition to school as a time of potential challenge and stress for children and families.

It involves negotiating and adjusting to a number of changes including the physical environment, learning expectations, rules and routines, social status and identity, and relationships for children and families.

Whilst it can be a time of great excitement, it is not uncommon for children to experience some distress and adjustment difficulties during this period. Why focus on parents and carers? Therefore, working with parents and carers has the potential to lead to better outcomes for children both during the transition period and beyond.

What can schools do?

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This initiative is closely linked with KMEC and is being developed to specifically address the mental health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled early childhood services.

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